Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2018. Thanks for your support last year, and I hope to see you all in concert this year. To my Australian friends, I'm really looking forward to getting back there this month. I'll be playing with old bandmates  Chris Nable on drums, and Darren Jack on guitar, and new bandmates Al Britton on bass, and Mike Gubb on keyboards.  


    Tony Sarno with The Harris Brothers Horns

    Tony Sarno has toured the world with his bands, ranging from the 3-piece skeleton crew playing at nite clubs and bike rallies, to the 11-piece Event band playing at special events, including galas for presidents of the United States. "As much as I like playing with the smaller bands, the most fun is having the additional horn section", says Sarno......he continues "The Harris Brothers horn section has played with many top touring bands and we're lucky to have them aboard. Our first gig is at The Fairfield Theater Company in Fairfield CT on Friday Sept. 22 at 5:30 followed by some private events. Hope to come to your town " click for more


    Tony tours Australia again

    Tony Sarno has done two tours of Australia and looks forward to getting back. "It's been a minute" says Sarno. Returning back to the Thredbo Blues festival and a number of club dates around the country, the band features Chris Nable on drums, Jacko on guitar, Al Britton on bass, and Mike Gubb on keyboards.


    New Consulting Service

    Tony Sarno is a veteran in the music business, and would like to help anyone who needs advice or direction for themselves, a family member, or their company. With his vast network of music professionals, Tony has started a venture called “Music Resource Partners” to help companies and individuals with anything music. He claims that he can consult on anything pertaining to the music business, and if he can’t, he knows who can. For more information, please visit www.tonysarno.com/consulting.


    New "Lean and mean" lineup

    Tony Sarno has assembled a Rocking new band featuring Bill Ferri on bass, Andy Peake on Drums, and David Boisvert on Saxes. Tony describes it as "Led Zeppelin with sax". They are doing local Nashville dates before hitting the road for a late spring tour. They will be performing at Bridgestone Arena on February 7.  Please visit www.pollstar.com for dates and tickets.

    Tony Sarno on Felix Cavaliere Christmas Tour

    Tony Sarno is playing guitar for the legendary Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals on Felix' Christmas Tour. "Felix and the Rascals were really the American Beatles, and it is a true honor to be playing those great songs with Felix", said Sarno. Please visit www.pollstar.com for tickets and information. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


    Tony on Ernie Ball Strings

    Tony is currently using the latest electric guitar strings by Ernie Ball. "The M-String Power slinky set is a great set of strings" says Sarno.

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