Muscle Shoals Edition

    Heartbreak Radio 3:19 Miller/Seals

    No, No Baby No 3:56 Ace Moreland

    Funky Bourbon Street 3:59 Sarno

    The Sun is Shining 4:58 Elmore James

    Keep On 4:35 Sarno/Hall

    Don’t Hold that Against Me 3:58 Sarno/Koller

    Real World 3:28 Sarno/Christopher

    Meet Me in the Morning 5:25 Dylan

    Chief Joseph 4:41 Sarno

    It’s a Blues Thing Too 5:35 Sarno/Maynard

    Special Thanks

    Jimmy Allison

    John Alper

    Dee Archer

    Irene Barrett

    Reeve Bermingham

    Jeff Boyd

    Al Briggs

    Cat Campbell

    Chris Catania

    Shelton Clark

    Miles Concannon

    Michael Czubic

    Dan Daley

    Bill Dewdney

    Brian DuCharme

    Michael Dupont

    Joe Foti

    Mike Foti

    Michaela Graham

    Cliff & Bonnie Henricksen

    Denny & Mary Hermanson

    Billy Hilson

    Carlos Hoyos

    Ken Jacob

    Jim Knott

    Susanne & Kyle Kurtz

    Beth & Rudy Lauckner

    Rob Laws

    Teri Lewis

    Michalis Limnios

    Ron & Terry Lininger

    Al Lundy

    Bob Marsh

    Mark Maynard

    Steve Mayone

    Dick & Connie Mitchell

    Lilian Mol-Rijnders

    Joe & Nancy Munroe

    Rosemary Moukad

    George Nassor

    The Nastro Family

    Michelle Neilson-Terrazas

    Tony Pijar

    Roy Prescott

    Jerry Prial

    Dado Radmanovic

    Michael Salvatore

    Lisa Sarno

    Jinny Sarno

    Carmine Sarno

    Christopher Seely

    Grey Shepard

    Paul Smadbeck

    Colin Spence

    Thomas Torelli

    James T. Tattersall

    The Rhythm Section

    Ed Greene- drums, percussion

    David Hood- bass

    Clayton Ivey- B3, Wurlitzer, piano

    Tony Sarno- guitars, vocals

    Horns, Vocals, Percussion

    Deric Dyer- sax solos

    Vicki Hampton- vocals

    Bill Harris- tenor, baritone sax

    Don Harris- trumpet

    Justin Holder- percussion, spoken word

    Holly Steele- vocals

    Produced by Mark Maynard

    Mixed by Jason Hall

    Recorded by Charles Holloman

    Additional recording by John Gifford

    Additional recording by Rusty McFarland

    Additional recording by Tim Carter


    Art Direction by Shannon Connolly

    Photography by Kevin Lamb

    Videography by Andrew Bailey

    Counsel- Michael Bongiorno

    Recorded at East Avalon Studios, Muscle Shoals Alabama

    Additional Recording at Dammit Boy Studios, Nashville

    Pre/Post Production at The Lakes Fitness Center, Nashville

    Tony Sarno uses Brian Robinson Custom guitars, Naylor amplifiers, Ernie Ball strings, George L’s cables, Klotz cables, K&K acoustic pickups, and Bose PA systems.

    Thanks to the great bandleaders who I’ve worked with over the years, and who have taught me so much: B.B. King, Bob Hardwick, David Clayton Thomas, Dee Archer, Felix Cavaliere, and Peter Tork.