• Liner Notes

    The Thunderhawks
    One & Done

    Produced by Tony Sarno
    Executive producer- Mark Maynard
    Recorded and mixed by George Tutko
    Additional recording and mixing Tom Cassell
    Mastered by Rodney Mills
    Digital editing by Jason Hall
    Recorded at Record Camp Studios, Nashville May’00
    Additional recording at Purple Dragon Studios,
    Atlanta Dec.’92-Jan. ’93
    Graphics- T.G. Alexander/Dos Hombres Productions

    Keith Christopher- bass, vocals
    Rick Donley- drums,vocals
    Tony Sarno- vocals,guitar,rhodes
    Eddy Shaver- guitar
    Organ- Clayton Ivey
    Drums,percussion- Craig Krampf
    Background vocals- Michael McLaughlin, Jason Hall
    Crew- Michael McLaughlin, D.J. White, Andy Bailey

    The Songs

    Break the chain 3:31 (intro:16) Christopher/Donley/Sarno/Shaver
    Sick & tired 4:16 (intro :21)Christopher/Sarno/Shaver
    Spirit 4:45 (intro:16) Sarno
    Out on the farm 4:23 (intro :24) Perkins/Sarno/Archer
    Don’t come crying to me 4:22 (intro:30)Christopher/Donley/Sarno/Shaver
    That dog won’t hunt 3:20 (intro:17)Christopher/Sarno/Shaver
    Punching the clock 3:18 (intro:07) Perkins/Sarno
    For crying out loud 3:37 (intro:14) Christopher
    Pourin’ rain 4:29 (intro1:08) Christopher/Sarno/Shaver

    Special Thanks

    Don Akin
    John Alper
    Dee Archer
    Charlie Baker Sr.
    Michael Bongiorno 
    Mark Bolset
    Tom Branson
    Rhonda Brown
    Curtis Calihan
    Cat Campbell
    Troy Cook
    Hardy & Wally Delay
    Ann Delay
    Ben Jones
    Leigh Anne Kranz
    Bill Lefevre
    Billy Mason
    Beverly Massey
    Mark Maynard
    Bob Nastro
    Sherry Parker
    Will Parker
    Jonmark Pierce
    Tony Pijar
    Jerry Prial
    Paul & Elise Provost
    Richard L. Raines
    Jackson Rhinehardt
    Lilian Rijnders
    Ginny ,Gerry, & Lisa Sarno
    Ken & Mary Lou Smith
    Ed Sowa
    David & Cameron Simmons
    Colin Spence
    Grey Shepard
    Tom Torelli
    Pen & Mary Alice Tudor
    Kari Von Wening
    Bill White
    Billy Williams