I love to feel the sunshine- T. Sarno, Keith Christopher

    Ready for love (female vocal)- T.Sarno

    My heart surrounds you- T. Sarno

    I miss your kiss- T. Sarno-Valerie Wilson

    Let me be your superman- T. Sarno

    Ready for love (male vocal)- T.Sarno

    Movin’ to the eastside (female vocal)- T.Sarno

    Redman (solo)- T.Sarno

    On your own- T.Sarno

    She’s my baby- T.Sarno

    Weight of the world (Country)- T.Sarno

    Weight of the world (Rock)- T.Sarno

    Crazy about you- T.Sarno

    Move with your love- T.Sarno-Susan Meyer

    Highway robbery (female vocal)- T.Sarno

    I gotta move on- T.Sarno


    Everytime the whistle whines- T.Sarno/Fred Koller

    The Hard Way-  T.Sarno

    Livin’ for the rider- T.Sarno

    Screamin’ blues demon (It’s A Blues Thing)-  T.Sarno-Mark Maynard

    Crybaby Blues

    Nellie fetch the hosepipe- T.Sarno

    Friends like these- T.Sarno-Dee Archer-Dave Perkins

    Get out the back door- T.Sarno


    Break the chain- T.Sarno-Eddy Shaver-Keith Christopher-Rick Donley

    On the flipside- T.Sarno

    Spirit- T.Sarno

    Sooner or later (female vocal)- T.Sarno-Dee Archer

    That dog won’t hunt- T.Sarno-Eddy Shaver-Keith Christopher

    Don’t come cryin’ to me- T.Sarno-Eddy Shaver-Keith Christopher

    Sick and tired- T.Sarno-Eddy Shaver-Keith Christopher

    Pouring rain- T.Sarno-Eddy Shaver-Keith Christopher

    Punchin’ the clock- T.Sarno-Dave Perkins

    Rollercoaster- T.Sarno

    Out on the farm- T.Sarno-Dave Perkins-Dee Archer


    Baby boy- T.Sarno

    Fittin’ Degrees T.Sarno

    ‘Night- T.Sarno

    Downhome- T.Sarno

    Journey’s lament- T.Sarno-John Mattick-Rodney Lawson

    Kingsnake Blues- T.Sarno-Chris Carpenter-John Mattick-Rodney Lawson