• June 2020- Back in the saddle

    Nashville has started to open up, and bands are getting back to the clubs. Tony Sarno and his band played at Bowie’s rock club on June 10th and will be there again on the 17th. The club is the new “Home of Rock” in Nashville, and features a big stage and state of the art sound and lights.
    May 2020- The Thunderhawks release

    The final incarnation of the Thunderhawks first and only album of songs will be released on May 28 on all digital formats. Titled “One & Done”, it contains the nine songs written by the band. The songs have been streamlined, and they’re finally in the form that producer Tony Sarno had envisioned. Although there are still a few recorded songs still unreleased, this will be the only album by the hard rock band, thus the title “One & Done”. It will be available on  ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and dozens of other download and streaming services.
    April 2020- Before the Soundcheck Radio Show

    I start my weekly half-hour radio show on Hippie Radio 94.5 in Nashville on Sunday April 5th. It’s called “Before The Soundcheck”. I’ll be interviewing fellow artists, musicians, producers, engineers, songwriters, crew, music biz execs, crew, music teachers, anyone involved in making the music that we all love. The show airs Sundays on Hippie Radio 94.5 in Nashville at 7am EST (10pm Sydney Australia time and 1pm in Europe), online at IHeart radio, Tune-in, and  https://www.hippieradio945.com, and will be available on my site tonysarno.com. after it airs. It will be an interesting look behind the scenes. Hope you like it!

    *Thanks to our sponsor, Thinstroke Design, a communication and graphic design studio, and their new book “Love Letters,” by typographer and illustrator Tony Di Spigna. The book highlights his classic American Spencerian-style font and lettering designs, the kind you just can’t do on a computer.

    March 2020- Live streaming

    With no one touring or playing local gigs these days, the only thing we have left is live streaming. I’m working on doing some solo and band gigs live on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, so stay tuned and stay safe.

    February 2020- Keith Christopher with Skynyrd

    Our friend and bass player, Keith Christopher, is now playing with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Keith was the founder of The Georgia Satellites and co-founded The Thunderhawks with Tony and played on all of Tony’s recordings, starting with “It’s a blues thing”, and including “The Thunderhawks” and “Tony Sarno” (self-titled). Keith has toured Australia with Tony, and they’ve played gigs together all over the United States.

    Keith Christopher is making Skynyrd’s farewell tour a really special event, as he’s bringing great new energy to that classic American rock band.

    December 2019- Southern Ground Studios

    Tony Sarno recently produced songs for Rusty Gear at Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Studios in Nashville. Pictured here is singer extraordinaire Bekka Bramlett singing Rusty’s song “Sorry Excuse for a Man”. The band included Muscle Shoals legends keyboardist Clayton Ivey and bassist Bob Wray. Additionally, Rusty Gear- guitar,vocals, Ken Coomer- drums, Sam Bacco- Percussion, Doug Moffet- saxes, Hannah Bethel- vocals, and Tony-guitars. Leslie Richter and Dan Davis engineered the session. Stay tuned for record release and availability.

    September 2019- New EP

    Tony Sarno is currently in preproduction for his third solo album. The EP will consist of  five Bob Dylan songs in Tony’s blues style.  Look for it on Spotify, Pandora and all digital platforms. It will also be available on CD and LP at www.tonysarno.com

    April 2019- New Big Fish Audio Project

    Tony Sarno is currently in preproduction for his second project for Big Fish Audio. It will consist of 21 songs in the classic rock vein. The songs are instrumental and can be used for commercials, incidental music for Movies/TV, and for songwriters to write lyrics too. Tony’s project “Highway Blues” was a best-seller for Big Fish Audio. www.bigfishaudio.com

    Jan. 2019- Tony Sarno to produce Rusty Gear at Southern Ground

    Artist Rusty Gear will be recording his second effort at Zak Brown’s Southern Ground Studio in Nashville with Tony Sarno producing. The band will consist of veterans of the Muscle Shoals rhythm section, Clayton Ivey on Keys, and Bob Wray on bass, along with Craig Krampf on drums and Pat Severs on Pedal Steel. Tony will play guitar and add vocals to the project. The record will be available on Amazon, Itunes, and all record store websites. The songs will be available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and other popular streaming services.


    Sept. 2018- “Essential Tony Sarno” set for Release

    Featuring songs from Tony’s Icehouse, Marconi, and Bandwidth Records releases, this compilation shows an overview of Sarno’s recording career. Produced by Mark Maynard, it will be available on Amazon, Itunes, and all record store websites. The songs will be available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and other popular streaming services.

    May 2017- Tony Sarno returns to Australia

    Tony Sarno has done two tours of Australia and looks forward to getting back. “It’s been a minute” says Sarno. Returning back to the Thredbo Blues festival and a number of club dates around the country, the band features Chris Nable on drums, Jacko on guitar, Al Britton on bass, and Mike Gubb on keyboards.

    April 2017- Tony Sarno and his large event band

    Tony Sarno has toured the world with his bands, ranging from the 3-piece skeleton crew playing at nite clubs and bike rallies, to the 11-piece Event band playing at special events,including galas for presidents of the United States. “As much as I like playing with the smaller bands, the most fun is having the additional female vocalists and full horn section”, says Sarno. “We’ve been known to whip audiences into a sweaty frenzy at some of these events!”. Being based in Nashville, the band is made up of some the best musicians in the world, and they all love what they do. Whether it’s a milestone life event, wedding, or just a celebration, Tony Sarno and his large band will rock the house. For booking information please call 615-854-9271.

    February 2017- Tony Sarno enlists colleagues in new consulting venture

    Tony Sarno has been in the music business for a long time, and would like to help anyone who needs advice or direction for themselves, a family member, or their company. With his vast network of music professionals, Tony has started a venture called “Music Resource Partners” to help companies and individuals with anything music. He claims that he can consult on anything pertaining to the music business, and if he can’t, he knows who can. For more information, please visit www.tonysarno.com/consulting.

    February 2017- Tony Sarno set to tour with new band

    Tony Sarno has assembled a Rocking new band featuring Bill Ferri on bass, Andy Peake on Drums, and David Boisvert on Saxes. Tony describes it as “Led Zeppelin with sax”. They are doing local Nashville dates before hitting the road for a late spring tour. They will be performing at Bridgestone Arena on February 7.  Please visit www.pollstar.com for dates and tickets.

    November 2015- Tony Sarno to tour with Felix Cavaliere

    Tony Sarno is Playing guitar for the legendary Felix Cavaliere on his December Christmas Tour. “Felix and the Rascals were really the American Beatles, and it is a true honor to be playing those great songs with Felix”, said Sarno. Please visit www.pollstar.com for dates and tickets.

    April 2015- Tony Sarno interviewed by Greek Magazine

    Michalis Limnios’ in-depth interview with Tony Sarno ended up being more like a brief history of Sarno’s career. click here

    January 2015- Happy New Year!

    Tony Sarno and the band would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year. We look forward to seeing you at one of our concerts, house concerts, or parties this year.

    November 2014- Tony Sarno Band

    Tony Sarno is currently rehearsing with his new Band. Drummer Aaron Westine and bassist/vocalist Paul Henn recently relocated to Nashville from Malibu California. They are gearing up for a performance at the Bridgestone Arena on Thanksgiving night. They will be joined by Ashira on vocals and percussion.

    September 2014 – Thunderhawks now on Pandora

    The Thunderhawks cd released on Bandwidth Records is now available for streaming on Pandora. The album is also available for streaming at Spotify, Rhapsody, GooglePlay, and Rdio.

    August 2014 – Sarno debuts new band at Greer SC BBQ Festival

    Tony Sarno and his band will be kicking off the Sooie’t Relief Barbecue festival in Greer South Carolina on August 22nd at 7:30 pm. The band will be playing Blues-Rock music from Sarno’s Thunderhawks release as well as his solo efforts. The Altanta-based rhythm section of drummer Phil Lowman, bassist Mike Norwood, and keyboardman Eric Sinclair, “raise the rhythmic bar on my music” says Sarno. “We’re taking my rock and blues music and creating a whole new rhythmic stew. After spending the last few years up north, it’s good to be back in the south, home of the music that I love, and my home since 1986”. For more info please visit Greer Relief

    May 2014 – Thunderhawks play AC/DC in clubs

    Tony Sarno has announced that he will be playing a club tour soon, playing songs from their 2005 release, and a set of vintage AC/DC from the Bon Scott years.

    March 2, 2014 – Tony Sarno Interviewed for Greek online Magazine

    Michalis Limnios’ in-depth interview with Tony Sarno ended up being more like a brief history of Sarno’s career.

    Click here for interview with Michalis Limnios

    January 31, 2014 – Tony Sarno in Pre-production with Jason Hall

    Recording Artist Tony Sarno is presently working on new music at Jason Hall’s studio in East Nashville. Since getting his start at Sarno’s studio in the late 90’s, Jason has accrued an impressive body of recorded work; http://www.allmusic.com/artist/jason-hall-mn0000218737 Sarno and Hall are writing music and doing demos for the recording project. “Jason brings a refreshing approach to my music, which will translate into an exciting new sound”, says Sarno. The first two songs will be released on Itunes and other music services in 2014.