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    With professional factory, Shanghai Honor Industrial Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China pigment violet 1 manufacturers. Welcome to wholesale pigment violet 1 from us, we are always able to offer you cheap and quality products.
    6471 SuperFast Violet Toner
    Chemical Composition:
    Color Index:Pigment Violet 1
    Chemical Formula:C28H31N2O3・x
    CAS NO.:1326-03-0
    EU NO.:215-413-3
    Physical Properties:
    Physical Form :Violet Powder
    Heat Resistance(º C):180
    Density (g/cm3):2.25
    Specific Surface(㎡/g):30
    PH Value:6.0-7.0
    Oil Absorption(ml/100g):50
    Fastness Properties: Full ColorTint Color
    Light Fastness:54
    Acid Resistance:44
    Alkali Resistance:44
    Weather Fastness:33
    Water Resistance:54
    Oil Resistance:44
    Full Color:Pig. Content: 15%
    Tint Color:Pig. : White=1:20
    Heat Resistance:DIN 6174 - 5Min
    Oil Absorption:DIN ISO 787/5
    Light Fastness:DIN EN ISO 877
    8 Grade Fromblue wool Color Chart
    Acid Alkali Resist:DIN EN 20105-A02
    5 Grade gray scale
    Weather Fastness:DIN EN ISO 12543-4
    5 Grade gray scale
    Water Resist:GB 251-84
    5 Grade gray color degree
    Oil Resistance:GB 251-84
    5 Grade gray color degree
    Recommended Applications: Solvent Base Inkwholesale Pigment Violet 1
    website: http://www.honorpigment.com/pigment-violet-1-1


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